PSJ Logistics is fully committed to supporting the U.S. Military and our Allies with quality products and services. Each member retired from Federal service with the Defense Logistics Agency and worked together before retirement providing support for the Mine-Resistant Ambush-Protected Vehicle (MRAP) Program. Defense News states, “The Mine Resistant Ambush Protected Vehicle program is considered the model to follow when getting acquisition right while rapidly fielding equipment to the troops.”*

Each member of PSJ Logistics was instrumental to DLA’s successful support of the rapid acquisition and sustainment of MRAP vehicles. Now-retired Pentagon Comptroller Robert Hale said to Defense News, “It is the only time in my 42 years in the industry that all bureaucratic silos in the government procurement process were broken down and there was a single-mindedness of purpose among all involved.”*

In addition to the MRAP, the members of PSJ Logistics have extensive, award-winning experience supporting multiple weapon systems in every aspect of Supply Chain Management. PSJ Logistics delivers this expertise and dedication to service to every client from servicemembers to OEM’s to small businesses. Successfully satisfying the customer’s needs is our mission.

*30 Years: MRAP — Rapid Acquisition Success, by: Jen Judson, October 25, 2016